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North Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

North Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

North Las Vegas Jail

Find anybody in the North Las Vegas Jail or ask to be on the inmate watch listing for notifying one if the individual you're looking for is eventually in the computer system.

You are able to utilize this search to locate current inmates that has completed the booking procedure. The booking procedure can take up to four hours and the inmate will not show in the search results before this is completed. The fastest way to search for any inmate in the North Las Vegas Jail is to call us at the number above.

Update concerning the North Las Vegas Jail

The North Las Vegas Jail has closed down because of funding restraints in the middle of 2012. Almost all correctional officers were laid off and some where reassigned to other Jails. All individuals who get arrested in North Las Vegas will be held in the Las Vegas Jail or the Clark County Jail.

Here you may find more information about the two local jails.

The largest local facility is the Clark County Jail

Here is the biggest Jail and you can find it in:

330 South Casino Center
Las Vegas, NV 89101

The large buildings and imposing towers length over an whole city block right behind the Golden Nugget Casino. With that said, the main lobby is available 24 hours each day. However, the bond posting window will close every day from midnight until 8 in the morning. If you want to get someone from the Clark County Jail, then you must post bail before midnight.

You can perform a Clark County Jail Inmate search by using our Inmate Search Database. Please note the booking process can take up to four hours. The inmate will need to complete the reservation procedure, or else they will not show up in the computer system.

If you need to locate an Inmate right now, please telephone us. . Our friendly staff will find them and be able to give bail info, fees and next court date.

The 2nd biggest facility is the Las Vegas Jail

You can find the Las Vegas Jail at:

3300 Stewart Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101

You'll Find it involving between Mojave and Pecos. When you are driving East on the 95 Freeway can observe the detention centre backed up from the Freeway. You can't lose out on the compound, which has big barb-wire fences and tall walls enclosing it.

The bond window in the Las Vegas Jail is confronting Stewart Street. It is available for query and a for a Las Vegas Jail Inmate search, 24 hours every day. There is plenty of parking right on Stewart Street in the front of the Jail bond window. Here you can find out if your friend or loved one is under arrest. You could even find what their charges are and bond amounts, as well as following court dates.

The Way to use the Inmate Search Tool

This North Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search tool is a live search of all current offenders within the North Las Vegas Jail. If you cannot track down the detainee at this time you may need to wait a couple of hours. Inmates will only show up in the prison system until after reserving in. This method depends upon how busy the North Las Vegas Jail is and could take around four hours. You can search and locate inmates the following 3 manners:
Search by last name

Locate the"Last Name" search bar at the North Las Vegas Jail site and type in the first two or three letters of the offenders last name. This is a broad search and will give you a record of inmates starting with these letters in their last name. Whether there are to many search results you might choose to add a couple more letters or type in the complete name.

Search by Inmate ID number:

In the North Las Vegas Jail site locate the"Inmate ID Number" search bar and type in their number. This should help you get instant results for the person you are trying to locate. If there is no game you may want to check that you typed in the correct ID number.

Search by phone:

Call immediately to look for a North Las Vegas Jail inmate by telephone. A friendly operator can answer 24 hours per day and can quickly locate any inmate in the North Las Vegas Jail or some other Las Vegas jail. This is the easiest and most frustrating way to hunt for any inmate.

Alternatives once the inmate is located

You finally have found your friend or loved one within the North Las Vegas Jail and you don't know what to do next. These options will assist you in making a decision on what to do with the inmate.

Bail Bond option:

The best and quickest option to get someone from Jail would be to bail the inmate from this North Las Vegas Jail. You can quickly begin this process by telephoning eBAIL. Our friendly staff will walk you through the bail bond process and answer all your questions.

Court date option:

The other solution is to wait till the upcoming scheduled court date. Once an inmate becomes booked into the North Las Vegas Jail they're automatically given a court usually within two days. This means that the inmate must sit Jail and wait until the court to see what the judge choice is. The judge may release the inmate, lower the bail amount or raise the bail sum all based on the strength and circumstances of the case. The majority of the time that the judge retains the bail amount the same and the inmate only lost 48 where he might have bailed out of jail.

Staying at the North Las Vegas Jail alternative:

The last solution is to do nothing and leave the inmate in Jail. You may visit them in the North Las Vegas Jail during their visitation hours, write them also put money on their novels.

Call immediately to find and bond your friend or loved one from this North Las Vegas Jail. Time is of the essence and the release from Jail process only starts once the bond was posted. You have to act now! - North Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search